Fake nipples!

Fake nipples!

Let’s talk about nipples!

They are sexy, they are beautiful, and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Nipples are huge this season, just look at Kendall Jenner, or Bella Hadid.

Nipples are the next big thing! Many fashionista’s say that sometimes the look of a nipple peaking through the clothes are what makes an outfit a great outfit, designers have known this for years, just take a look at the new pre-fall collections and you’ll notice nipples are it these days!

I personally love the look of it! It’s sexy, it’s a bit provocative, and it very feminine.
But i don’t particularly like the feeling of not wearing a bra, i know lots of woman find it refreshing to toss their bra’s in the air late at night or throughout the day, but i personally stick to mine dearly. It’s a very personal feeling, but i think that everybody is allowed to feel however they’d like, or wear whatever they want.

Not so long ago i read about ‘fake nipples’, there’s a woman in Michigan making fake nipples, under her own brand called ‘Just-Nips’ She started her company about one year ago and it has been booming every since, the idea consists that woman can be sexy whenever and however they’d like, and if they feel like showing a little nipple you no longer have to face not having to wear a bra for it.

I was intrigued to say the least…

I went to the website and ordered two pairs of nipples, cold edition (which is one of the most common sizes) and the freezing edition, (which is slightly bigger than the cold ones).
5 days later my nipples arrived, i was thrilled! I figured i should really show them off on my first day wearing them, so i wore a sexy top, with an open neck and shoulders in dark blue, and a blue Diana von Furstenberger pants underneath it.

My first trip would be shopping on the Rue Saint Honore in Paris, there i went walking down one of Paris most crowded shopping street with my two new best friends proudly pointing through my top.
I noticed some people would stare, others would smile at me.

But the feeling it gave me was indescribable… I felt super sexy, and confident, I felt like i could rule the world, or for that day my world at least. It gave me a certain extra boost throughout the day.

In general the comments i’ve received throughout that day were all really positive, many people especially woman came up to me and told me how much they appreciate my look.

Most of my male friends who i had told the story, thought it was a weird thing to do, but i don’t see it that way, we are beautiful sexy woman, who have the right to be sexy and show our sexuality, if that means going braless go do it, if that means wearing fake nipples, by all means do it.

The company’s owner, Molly has also been helping breast cancer organisations by sending them free fake nipples. The company has since it started send over a 1.000 fake nipples to breast cancer organisations.


The day i met Glenda Bailey & Olivier Rousteing

The day i met Glenda Bailey, editor in chief from Harper’s bazaar US & Olivier Rousteing creative director from Balmain Paris.

It was a hot and sunny day mid May in Paris on a Saturday morning, and i had wanted to go shopping on the the Rue Saint Honore in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, so i ordered an Uber and got there by the early afternoon.

I noticed there was a bit of a crowd in my favourite store in Paris, (Colette it’s on Rue Saint Honore nr 13) Colette however is known for its amazing parties, and Vip guests, it wasn’t so long ago that i met Karl Lagerfeld and Wil.I.Am in that same store for the launch of Wil.i.Am’s new music earplugs.

I didn’t knew if there was an event that day, but something was different, it felt like the staff were preparing themselves for something…Something big.

I walked up the stairs and there she was…My Idol…Glenda Bailey! It didn’t thought this was real, i thought i had some kind of vision but i could never imagine her to be in that store right when i was there too.

Harper’s Bazaar US celebrated it’s 150 years anniversary, for the special occasion they launched a book, a must-have book for all the fashionista’s! Containing many interviews, and photos from legendary people. The party existed out of mostly editors and fashion bloggers, fashion photographers, fashionista’s…I felt like i just arrived in the sweetest kind of heaven!


I was so excited when i saw Glenda was even autographing the books, i couldn’t wait much longer, this is the kind of moment you cherish for the rest of your life, meeting Glenda Bailey! When it was my turn for my book to get signed i felt myself becoming nervous, i was really excited, Glenda herself was so sweet and humble, she told me i had a great style, and that she loved what i was wearing! I was so honoured,  little later Olivier Rousteing came into the store, i was starstruck! I couldn’t believe he was standing in front of me, it was too much for me handle so i went to the other side of the store, until i had enough courage to ask him for a photo.


Olivier didn’t stay long unfortunately, but i did got a selfie with him 🙂

Glenda, me and 5 other people all stayed chatting, and i have met some amazing people that day!

This is the kind of day that happens unexpected but is always so welcome, I will forever be honoured to have met Glenda and Olivier.




Little list with traveling tips!

Little list with traveling tips!

1, Try to get to know the locals as best as you can. (i once read this quote that said ‘everybody you’ll meet knows something you don’t’ this is one of those amazing life quotes i live my life by).
2, Go to unknown places… what i mean by that is to try to get to the not so common villages, usually these villages tend to be the most beautiful ones.
3, Always tip the cab drivers, i tend to always leave a thank you note as well with some money for the cleaners after i check out from my hotel room. I believe that it is our duty if you have a good life to give back to as many people as possible.
4, Bring body lotion! bring a small tube with some of your favourite body lotion in it.
6, bring sunscreen, you don’t have to listen to all my previous points, but please for your skin’s sake, always carry sunscreen and use it everyday even if it ain’t sunny outside.
7, love the unfamiliar, if you like me always need some time to adjust to a new place, i’ve learned through many far away trips that it’s best to just let go, don’t try to make you feel at home straight away, that will grow eventually, give yourself some time to get used to a new home, holiday stay, and or permanent changed living situation.

Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves, that you forget, truly forget….how much you have always loved to swim.

Tyler Knott Gregson


Pictures taken in Australia in February 2017.

foto 24foto 31IMG_1049foto 77IMG_0996kangoeroe 4

Let’s talk about heels!

Let’s talk about heels!

We pretty much all love them, they’re extremely elegant, It’s the ideal footwear on a night out with the girls, or when you go on a date with that cute guy you’ve been looking forward to for ages.

Quotes have been written to describe the amazing and sexy feeling heels can give woman, not only are they elegant, but they make your legs look longer as well, these days you can find pretty much any kind of shoe with a heel under it, (sandals, boots, classic close toe ones).

But how does Carrie Bradshaw walk so effortlessly in those heels? First of all, you should know that they would wear Uggs or flip-flops in between the scenes. To make it a little more comfortable, and easier.

But How does she do it in the series and in the movies? when she’s running or walking it seems like she’s not bothered by any foot-pain at all.

Here are some tips to make you love heels even more,

Tip 1, Invest! I cannot point out enough how important it is to invest in a good pair of heels, not all your heels have to be pricey, you can easily combine a set of H&M’s with some Jimmy’s, why invest you say, well because expensive shoes usually have more little tricks to make your feet not suffer so much, such as more of the little cushions on the sole of the foot, and they are more designed to give your ankles a little rest an not suffer too much while wearing them, i have been a die-hard fan of 12cm heels since i was 15, i loved the look of it, i loved how my legs looked like when i wore them, i bought my first pair of heels at a discount sale, i remember exactly how much they were, 15 euros… Since i was convinced buying a bigger size would help (which didn’t btw) i bought a size 42 (my normal size is 40) big mistake (pun intended)… not only did i got blisters all over my feet, it was also impossible to even walk in them, so i went for my second pair, i found a black pair of high black pumps with a 5 cm platform in them but the actual height of the shoe was in total 12 cm (why platform? Because platform is easier to walk in, especially if you’re a beginner, it doesn’t feel like you’re walking in such high heels if you wear one that has platforms, i would advice everybody to start with a platform shoe).

The first few times i wore them they were painful… so painful i couldn’t feel my feet anymore, now this is the tricky part not everybody is going to experience the same kind of pain i did, but in case you do experience some pain, the nr 2 rule is to stick with it anyhow. Try to wear your heels even if they pinch a bit, for at least one hour a day, that doesn’t have to be outside you can easily wear them inside in the comfort of your own home, as long as you wear them that’s all that matters.

Once my black pumps were so to say ‘adjusted’ to my feet they were actually not so bad at all, i wore them every weekend when i went out, or when i went to a party or a casting, or for a photoshoot i would try to arrive in heels to make a good first impression (note: it’s not necessary to wear heels to make a good first impression per se. but they made me feel more comfortable so i did it most of the time)

Because the modelling industry loves high heels, i would walk in high heels as much as i can even on my days off so i could get used to the feeling and so i wouldn’t get painful feet at a photoshoot or at a catwalk.

That’s the third most important tip, keep wearing the heels even if you’re already used to wearing them.. it’s because if you keep wearing your heels, your feet will really get used to heels as best as it can, and your feet won’t be painful at all when you wear them.

5 years later when i was 20 years old, i saw some beautiful pink sandals in a department store Australia. Not only were they gorgeous, they were sexy and sooo comfy. And that’s how i got my very first pair of Jimmy Choo!

I must admit, after wearing them many times over i got hooked…Jimmy’s were such a change from my normal ‘Zara’ or H&M heels, these sandals felt like i was wearing flip-flops, no pain at all, and i could wear them for hours easily. IT WAS A REVELATION!

Since my limited student budget wasn’t all that big and i had been spending most of my money on clothes, it dawned on me that i had to figure out a way to pay for my luxury shoes without spending thousands of euros on them. The answer to this would be to watch out for special promotions in department stores, each year, at least 3 or 4 times big department stores have their ‘DESIGNER SALE’ OR ‘SUMMER SALE’. note: Some Jimmy Choo boutiques offers shoes in sale as well, sometimes during the year. (i don’t know if Louboutin or Manolo and many other brands do it as well) but i know they are all on sale in the big department stores as well.

Luckily one pair of jimmy’s or Manolo’s or Louboutin’s or any other brand will last a pretty long time, before you wear them out, i still wear my Jimmy’s from 3 years ago, i had to fix them sometimes, but that was because my heel got stuck in elevator (i was devastated)
I got my second pair of Jimmy’s at the Bergdorf and Goodman (very sex and the city) designer sale, i got my third pair there as well (while i was there anyways…Never one to turn down on a good sale).

The 2nd pair was blue/grey and turned into illuminating grey almost when it was dark outside, which makes the shoes really stand out on a night out, when i went to try them at the Bergdorf and Goodman, 4 different woman all came up to me to tell me to do it, i had never gotten so many reactions to one shoe.

The third pair is exactly the same model i bought in Australia but instead of being pink and glossy leather, these ones are black suede. Ideal for the summer!

One month later i got black 20 cm’s pumps from Dior as a early Birthday day gift from my mom, i loved them! unfortunately after many try-out’s my feet didn’t get a lot of support in them, and i would flick my foot often when i was wearing them… So sadly they’re in the back of my closet at the moment.. A few days later i bought a pair from Ellie Saab 25cm’s red sandals with a platform, they are amazing, only downside is that they are extremely heavy and not very practical to dance with or walk a while in, but i still love them though!

Shortly after that there was a sale going on in the Jimmy Choo store in Marbella, and i bought myself, one dark brown and one bright red pair, with a closed point toe, they are pretty classical, but you can easily spice them up a bit, with wearing a special kind of bag to go with it, or you can turn it into a casual outfit, with a ripped jeans and an oversized shirt.

If you find a brand that has the heels you feel the most comfortable in, and who you find really beautiful, always stick with it!

It might be surprising to know that heels were originally invented to be worn by men.

So the evening is finally there and you realise that although they maybe gorgeous and beautiful, your heels are pretty painful for your feet to walk into them.

Quick tips i’ve learned along my career that helps you to fit into your heels without pain:

1, if you wear your heels and you do sense a bit of pain (like when a shoe is pinching your feet at a specific place) try finding out which side that is and apply a small band aid to the inside, this has helped me many times in the past, because it’s quick and nobody notices it. Note: sometimes you can even put a potato or something else that’s round and fits inside your shoe, to loosen the leather a bit before you go out, this can only be applied to some shoes though.

2, Walk them girl…! or sit with them, doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you wear them that’s all that matters. make the leather or any other material it is get comfortable to your feet.

3. if they are painful, try not to kick them out straight away, usually a good shoe will be painful the first, second and sometimes even the third time you’ll wear them, but after that, the leather or other material is usually well adjusted to your feet and it won’t bother you anymore.

4. care for your shoes…Be careful when walking, don’t be afraid to hold your boyfriend or girlfriend if you feel like the floor underneath you is rather slippery or when there is a terrible pavement or floor underneath. You also have less risk of breaking your heel, or damaging it, or damaging the shoe in general.
(most of the damages can’t be reversed, so sometimes they won’t be able to fix your shoe anymore and walking into a little hole can actually cost you your whole shoe).

Tips for walking elegantly:

5. Always walk with your leg straight, you bend it once…And you prepare your leg to take the next step, this means you actually set foot on the ground with your leg stretched as much as possible, you can bend it a little bit if this is too difficult, but once you master this trick, your legs will automatically adjust to the floor with every step like this. Note: Learn to walk like this while holding onto something first, because it’s really easy to lose your balance while learning this.

6. when you let your heel touch the ground, your heel should touch the ground first and after the rest of your feet has to follow, many people walk with their toes first, which is terrible for your legs and your posture and will result in painful feet pretty quickly no matter what kind of heels you’ll be wearing.

7. the best shoes to learn are closed toe shoes. Why’s that? Because when your feet are completely inside the shoe, it is easier for you to keep your balance and focus.

8. The height of your heels: That depends on the kind of height you wanna go for, if you want to wear 5 cm heels, you should learn how to walk on 5 cm heels as well, but if you love love love 12 cm heels, you should go straight for the really high ones, the 12 cm ones. Why is that? Well i know some blogs have been saying it’s easier to get used to heels on 5cm heels or shorter, but i find it working the exact opposite, because learning how to walk on heels is really not as difficult and as hard as it seems, so you might as well give it a try on the heels you actually want to wear and not on the ones you think you can wear, unless of course you feel more comfortable on 5cm heels at first.

9. When buying your first pair: Try going for a pair of not too expensive heels, because in that case it’s not such a big deal if you scratch them or if you break the heel by accident. I would advice you to invest in heels once you feel completely comfortable with them.

10. Enjoy it! Wearing heels is so much fun.

11. to go back to tip 10, however always and always bring an extra set of flip-flops or sneakers with you, because no matter what kind of comfy heels you might have, sometimes your feet just wanna have a rest.
The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way. “Christian Louboutin”
You put high heels on and you change. “Manolo Blahnik”

I think any woman can be transformed by a beautiful dress and high heels. “Linda Gray”

If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels. “Charlize Theron”

IMG_3849jimmy 2

My love life with Bulgari,

My love life with Bulgari,

Bulgari… one of the oldest jewellery creators in the world, dating back to 1884 by a Greek jeweller ‘Sotirios Boulgaris’ he opened he’s first store in Greece in Epirus, in 1877 he left Corfu and moved to Naples. In 1881 he finally moved to Rome to open he’s second store in Via Sistina, that store got replaced by it’s now flagship store in Via Dei Condotti which was opened in 1905 with the help of he’s two sons, Constantino (1889-1973) and Giorgio (1890-1966) 

It has been a pioneer in creating pieces that are very distinctive to Bulgari and often in imitated, 
My love life with Bulgari started in 2010 when my mom saw a beautiful silk scarf in the window.

She fell in love with it but due to financial problems couldn’t afford it at that time, so i got a summer job and i saved for months until right before Christmas. There i was a little girl coming to buy a scarf, ‘can i help you’ i heard a man asking, i turned around and saw this handsome guy looking at me, he smiled and said, ‘is there something i could help you with’ ‘i’m here for a Christmas gift for my mom i stuttered’ he smiled brightly and said ‘is there anything in particular you would like to give your mom’ i pointed at the scarf, he packed the scarf and just when i was about to pay, we started talking, we started talking a lot, he told me about how he grew up in this big family house right next to the and ocean, in a place called ‘Lecce’ in Italy, about how he’s parents moved to Switserland when he was 5 years old, and about how he loved working for Bulgari, he was so sweet and passionate, hours flew by before i said ‘i really have to go now my mom is waiting for me, to which he replied please come again soon whenever you’re around… 
By my fifth visit the whole team knew my mom and i, and treated us like family, during summer they had this small but really beautiful terrace above the store which offered a spectacular view over the ocean, and each year we were invited to their cocktail parties, it wasn’t about just being clients, we were family to them.  

I remember the female Italian girl that worked there whenever we saw each other on the street we would shout ‘ciao prinicipeza’ i always knew it was her when i heard these words. 

Piero my first friend at Bulgari would go to Italy 4 times a year, and every time he’d go to Italy he would bring me ‘Bacci’s (Italian chocolates with a little nut in it and a love quote around the chocolate) and an Italian Vogue, by that time i was 16 and madly obsessed with fashion and especially Vogue’s and Harpers bazaar’s. 
Piero and the other people moved to Madrid and Barcelona, and even though they weren’t there in the store anymore, my love for Bulgari and it’s pieces would still be going very strong, and i never forgot all the amazing moments i’ve had with Piero, Emeli, and all the others…
My first piece was a handbag, a little cute handbag with a long strap which you could only wear with a long strap, i wore it all day everyday, to everywhere i loved it so much, i was genuinely upset when the strap broke and after being fixed it broke again and they told me that this time the whole part was broken and they wouldn’t be able to fix it anymore. 

I stayed without a bag for months, out of grief i presume because i didn’t felt like looking for a new one… 
Bulgari to me means more than just a brand, whenever i enter a store it reminds me of being this funky teenager who was doing castings and working as a model in Barcelona it takes me back to those days, but it also made me become partially the woman that i am today, not just he brand, but my friends there did… 4 months ago i bought the B Zero 1 Ceramic ring with rose gold on the side, i remember seeing this ring in the store of my friends but my mom told me i was too young for a ring yet, so i waited 7 years before finally entering the Brussels store and get my B Zero 1 i jumped up and down from joy, and now everyday when i look at the ring it takes me back to them days of seeing my friends, and shouting Italian words on the street, it makes me fall back in love again with all the beautiful memories i’ve had, it reminds me of the people… 

sure they are many other brands, and many other people, but no one has ever touched me as much as Piero did… Today we’re still very close friends and try to meet whenever i get to Madrid, and when we finally meet, it’s always a party. ❤

The 22nd of May.

On the 22nd or May,

The world woke up to the news that there had been a terrorist attack at the end of Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester.

22 beautiful had lost their lives there that evening, 22 beautiful people that got taken away from us so brutally, there are no words to express the sadness, boys and girls that were going to see their idol, an 8 year old girl that went to her first concert and never came back home…

It was a cowardly attack.. like all the other terrorist attacks, but this hits us even more because they were many children at the concert, and that’s when you start to think, how sick can this person have been to actually try to harm children, innocent little people that aren’t even aware from what is happening around the world.
These people were having the time of their lives, going to see their idol in concert, most of them were looking forward to this for months.

For most people the emotional aspect is perhaps one of the most difficult ones to bear with, especially with little children that saw what happened, that were there, and saw people running around in panic.

But when i watched the news i was also amazed by how amazing the people of Manchester are coping with it, how beautiful many people are coming together in order to help others, from the Domino’s restaurant delivering pizza’s to the local hospitals and aid workers, to the people offering cups of tea and coffee to the police men, from the taxis offering free cab rides home, to the countless people that selflessly took in some children in order to protect them for any danger.

The perpetrators are mainly focusing on fear, but after every attack there has been a flood of good things done by people to show that we are stronger than fear and hate, small gestures, like laying flowers and lighting candles, to big gestures that were happening around the world to show their support.

When the Charlie Hebdo attacks happened, i was in Paris, and i saw the gigantic marching happening with over 3,7 million people marching through the streets of Paris to show their support and to stand up to freedom, many people carrying little notes with  this amazing quote on it that said, ’I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.’

I was driving on the highway and i saw a guy waving the French flag, he was standing on top of he’s car.
On the night of the attacks in November 2016, when they were evacuating the stade de France stadium people started to sing le “Marseillaise.” the French national anthem while exiting the building. The place de la Republique became the place where you could go to, so many people found comfort and freedom to express their feelings there, to write down their most profound thoughts and stick it with little adhesive tape to the monument, after 2 days the monument was covered in little papers, notes, letters, flowers and candles.

After the attacks that happened on the 13th of November, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platform was flooded with images of the Eiffel tower mixed with a peace sign in the middle. Millions of people took to social media to show their support, ‘porte ouvert’ got created, offering people through social media a so called ‘open-door’ people opening their doors to strangers, in order to help them to stay safe, people all around the word were amazed by how many people were offering an open door to strangers, cabs offering free rides to people to get back home, stories came out later about how some people risked their own life to save someone else’s, there was a ‘free hugs’ event taking place shortly after the attacks happened, where people from all religions offered hugs to strangers, there was a man with a piano playing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ in front of a big crowd of people, to be honest i can’t even write all the beautiful things people have done, to show their support, because there were too many to write down, each and every one of them was incredibly beautiful. After the attacks in Brussels, people came together on the place de la bourse, i heard a woman on the radio saying how on the first night, right after it happened she saw 2 woman who had the Belgian flag wrapped around them, and hugged each other, they had been sitting at the place de la bourse all night, crying and hugging each other.

Quickly after that the free hugs movement started at the place de la bourse as well,
When i went to see the place de la bourse shortly after that i saw notes laying next to flowers and teddy bears saying ‘they can’t tame us’ ‘they can’t get us down’, ‘they will never be able to break our love’ i saw photos of the beautiful people that had passed away, some with a note from a loved one, saying how much they loved them and i saw a young couple standing in the middle of it, i asked them why they were there, they had lost a loved one in the metro of Maelbeek, the guy was lighting all the candles and crying at the same time, a little boy came to join him, there were over 300 candles he was one by one lighting all of them, he said ‘I feel like doing this because through the light we will keep the love and the souls with us.’

Like the father who calmed he’s son after the Paris attacks saying ‘they might have guns but we have flowers’,

We sometimes think all the love is gone, and that’s the impression you get at first when something like this happens, but there are so many thing done by lovely sweet people that show the opposite, We will never give up on freedom, we will never give up on humanity and we will never give up on love.

And instead of hating each other, and being scared we always do the exact opposite, we show the world how great we are, how powerful our right to freedom is, how much we love each other, and we cherish the beautiful memories of the people we have lost.
‘Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it’s always there – fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge – they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around. – Prime Minister in The movie, Love Actually

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

-Fred Rogers

IMG_4166boy with the little babyIMG_4476IMG_4470IMG_4297IMG_4147IMG_4141IMG_4421place de la bourseIMG_6559


‘I’m from Antwerp i said’

I felt myself smiling, smiling proudly and shy at the same time, because it felt like i just shared one of the best secret’s in Belgium with them, Don’t get me wrong i love all the other Belgian cities as well, but Antwerp feels to me like one of the greatest cities in the world.

When i tell my overseas friends about my love and obsession for Antwerp i usually always get the same answer ‘Why is it so special?’
And until this very day i still can’t say what exactly is it that makes it so special, it’s like falling in love with someone, you know you love him/her but you can’t exactly explain why, it’s usually because a lot of feelings and emotions mixed together, the way they look, the way they hold your hand, the way they touch you in such way no one else can. That’s Love. and love can be applied to many things, such as, friends, family, lovers. but Also to cities, cities that have touched your heart, cities that motivate you, that make you feel proud, cities where you have loved and lost, cities that for a small moment make you feel like you’re in heaven on earth, cities that make you fall in love…
I have many cities that inspire me, and that captivate me, some of which i fell in love with right when i got there, without even getting to know it better.
Antwerp is a city in which i wasn’t born, but i was raised in it, i would held my grandmothers hand as we walked over the the promenade, with the river right in front of us, and the boats that would be going back and forth from the harbour which was right next to the promenade. I remember the car rides, from my school to my grandparents house, my grandfather was a big lover for old 50ies music, he would play he’s favourite radio station, and with Louis Armstrong singing what a wonderful world in the background, i would look outside and see the city around us waking up.
To me this city means more than just being a city, it is a city that cherishes my memories, and with every visit i make, it takes me back, back to them good old days…

As a city Antwerp hasn’t changed a lot since i was a kid, but it did improve on some serious matters such as safer bicycle lanes and better pedestrian areas, renovation of some amazing 1200 century houses and it also rebranded itself as one of the major fashion cities of Europe.
We have a fashion museum, which changes it’s exhibitions every few months so there’s always something new to see.
We have a chocolate museum, a museum of contemporary art, a museum of modern art, and so on… in total there are about 30 to 40 museums in Antwerp, ranging from chocolate to of course, the diamond museum.

Antwerp is a city so old, no one has been able to tell exactly how old, it’s name is from ‘hand-werpen’ which means ‘hands-throwing’ there’s a myth about a giant that asked for money to all the sailors and up until one day, druoon antigoon cut off he’s hand and threw it in the river. (i’m not sure as to how much of this is true, since it’s believed to be a myth, and there’s no actual proof that this has ever happened, but it’s a cool story nonetheless) 😉
These days Antwerp is one of the few cities in Belgium where there are the most coffee shops per citizen, the buildings look a bit like a mixture between Paris and New York, it’s extremely hip, but not super modern, it’s kind of hipster and classic as the same time, it’s very open minded and because of it’s 172 different nationalities living in a city with only 510.000 citizens it’s very multi cultured, which makes the clothing style and the life-style very different to other cities.
In Antwerp, we really go out in the weekends, that’s a thing we just have to do, usually it’s going to one of it’s many great restaurants, you can try tastes from all over the world in Antwerp.
There is a huge range of different sorts of shops, from hipster clothing stores, to chic parisienne style, we have it all… Fashion is a really big deal in Antwerp, fashion is something that describes somebody’s personal style but what i love about the fashion in Antwerp is there are no specific guidelines as to what to wear or how to wear it, it’s very fashionably open minded. As long as you love what you’re wearing everybody in Antwerp will love it too.

It’s really hard to write down the experience that is visiting Antwerp, i’ve taken a few photos on my last trip there, i hope these will convince you to buy a ticket and visit our amazing city.
Especially if you’re a die-hard fashion fan you should really considering visiting this fashion pearl, if you’re not into fashion you could always come to try out beloved chocolate or enjoy on of our crispy waffles on of the many terraces here, or just come to sight see. 🙂

x Kelly

“And if travel is like love, it is, in the end, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, in dimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end.”
― Pico Iyer



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