My love life with Bulgari,

Bulgari… one of the oldest jewellery creators in the world, dating back to 1884 by a Greek jeweller ‘Sotirios Boulgaris’ he opened he’s first store in Greece in Epirus, in 1877 he left Corfu and moved to Naples. In 1881 he finally moved to Rome to open he’s second store in Via Sistina, that store got replaced by it’s now flagship store in Via Dei Condotti which was opened in 1905 with the help of he’s two sons, Constantino (1889-1973) and Giorgio (1890-1966) 

It has been a pioneer in creating pieces that are very distinctive to Bulgari and often in imitated, 
My love life with Bulgari started in 2010 when my mom saw a beautiful silk scarf in the window.

She fell in love with it but due to financial problems couldn’t afford it at that time, so i got a summer job and i saved for months until right before Christmas. There i was a little girl coming to buy a scarf, ‘can i help you’ i heard a man asking, i turned around and saw this handsome guy looking at me, he smiled and said, ‘is there something i could help you with’ ‘i’m here for a Christmas gift for my mom i stuttered’ he smiled brightly and said ‘is there anything in particular you would like to give your mom’ i pointed at the scarf, he packed the scarf and just when i was about to pay, we started talking, we started talking a lot, he told me about how he grew up in this big family house right next to the and ocean, in a place called ‘Lecce’ in Italy, about how he’s parents moved to Switserland when he was 5 years old, and about how he loved working for Bulgari, he was so sweet and passionate, hours flew by before i said ‘i really have to go now my mom is waiting for me, to which he replied please come again soon whenever you’re around… 
By my fifth visit the whole team knew my mom and i, and treated us like family, during summer they had this small but really beautiful terrace above the store which offered a spectacular view over the ocean, and each year we were invited to their cocktail parties, it wasn’t about just being clients, we were family to them.  

I remember the female Italian girl that worked there whenever we saw each other on the street we would shout ‘ciao prinicipeza’ i always knew it was her when i heard these words. 

Piero my first friend at Bulgari would go to Italy 4 times a year, and every time he’d go to Italy he would bring me ‘Bacci’s (Italian chocolates with a little nut in it and a love quote around the chocolate) and an Italian Vogue, by that time i was 16 and madly obsessed with fashion and especially Vogue’s and Harpers bazaar’s. 
Piero and the other people moved to Madrid and Barcelona, and even though they weren’t there in the store anymore, my love for Bulgari and it’s pieces would still be going very strong, and i never forgot all the amazing moments i’ve had with Piero, Emeli, and all the others…
My first piece was a handbag, a little cute handbag with a long strap which you could only wear with a long strap, i wore it all day everyday, to everywhere i loved it so much, i was genuinely upset when the strap broke and after being fixed it broke again and they told me that this time the whole part was broken and they wouldn’t be able to fix it anymore. 

I stayed without a bag for months, out of grief i presume because i didn’t felt like looking for a new one… 
Bulgari to me means more than just a brand, whenever i enter a store it reminds me of being this funky teenager who was doing castings and working as a model in Barcelona it takes me back to those days, but it also made me become partially the woman that i am today, not just he brand, but my friends there did… 4 months ago i bought the B Zero 1 Ceramic ring with rose gold on the side, i remember seeing this ring in the store of my friends but my mom told me i was too young for a ring yet, so i waited 7 years before finally entering the Brussels store and get my B Zero 1 i jumped up and down from joy, and now everyday when i look at the ring it takes me back to them days of seeing my friends, and shouting Italian words on the street, it makes me fall back in love again with all the beautiful memories i’ve had, it reminds me of the people… 

sure they are many other brands, and many other people, but no one has ever touched me as much as Piero did… Today we’re still very close friends and try to meet whenever i get to Madrid, and when we finally meet, it’s always a party. ❤

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