Little list with traveling tips!

1, Try to get to know the locals as best as you can. (i once read this quote that said ‘everybody you’ll meet knows something you don’t’ this is one of those amazing life quotes i live my life by).
2, Go to unknown places… what i mean by that is to try to get to the not so common villages, usually these villages tend to be the most beautiful ones.
3, Always tip the cab drivers, i tend to always leave a thank you note as well with some money for the cleaners after i check out from my hotel room. I believe that it is our duty if you have a good life to give back to as many people as possible.
4, Bring body lotion! bring a small tube with some of your favourite body lotion in it.
6, bring sunscreen, you don’t have to listen to all my previous points, but please for your skin’s sake, always carry sunscreen and use it everyday even if it ain’t sunny outside.
7, love the unfamiliar, if you like me always need some time to adjust to a new place, i’ve learned through many far away trips that it’s best to just let go, don’t try to make you feel at home straight away, that will grow eventually, give yourself some time to get used to a new home, holiday stay, and or permanent changed living situation.

Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves, that you forget, truly forget….how much you have always loved to swim.

Tyler Knott Gregson


Pictures taken in Australia in February 2017.

foto 24foto 31IMG_1049foto 77IMG_0996kangoeroe 4

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