The day i met Glenda Bailey & Olivier Rousteing

The day i met Glenda Bailey, editor in chief from Harper’s bazaar US & Olivier Rousteing creative director from Balmain Paris.

It was a hot and sunny day mid May in Paris on a Saturday morning, and i had wanted to go shopping on the the Rue Saint Honore in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, so i ordered an Uber and got there by the early afternoon.

I noticed there was a bit of a crowd in my favourite store in Paris, (Colette it’s on Rue Saint Honore nr 13) Colette however is known for its amazing parties, and Vip guests, it wasn’t so long ago that i met Karl Lagerfeld and Wil.I.Am in that same store for the launch of Wil.i.Am’s new music earplugs.

I didn’t knew if there was an event that day, but something was different, it felt like the staff were preparing themselves for something…Something big.

I walked up the stairs and there she was…My Idol…Glenda Bailey! It didn’t thought this was real, i thought i had some kind of vision but i could never imagine her to be in that store right when i was there too.

Harper’s Bazaar US celebrated it’s 150 years anniversary, for the special occasion they launched a book, a must-have book for all the fashionista’s! Containing many interviews, and photos from legendary people. The party existed out of mostly editors and fashion bloggers, fashion photographers, fashionista’s…I felt like i just arrived in the sweetest kind of heaven!


I was so excited when i saw Glenda was even autographing the books, i couldn’t wait much longer, this is the kind of moment you cherish for the rest of your life, meeting Glenda Bailey! When it was my turn for my book to get signed i felt myself becoming nervous, i was really excited, Glenda herself was so sweet and humble, she told me i had a great style, and that she loved what i was wearing! I was so honoured,  little later Olivier Rousteing came into the store, i was starstruck! I couldn’t believe he was standing in front of me, it was too much for me handle so i went to the other side of the store, until i had enough courage to ask him for a photo.


Olivier didn’t stay long unfortunately, but i did got a selfie with him 🙂

Glenda, me and 5 other people all stayed chatting, and i have met some amazing people that day!

This is the kind of day that happens unexpected but is always so welcome, I will forever be honoured to have met Glenda and Olivier.




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