Fake nipples!

Let’s talk about nipples!

They are sexy, they are beautiful, and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Nipples are huge this season, just look at Kendall Jenner, or Bella Hadid.

Nipples are the next big thing! Many fashionista’s say that sometimes the look of a nipple peaking through the clothes are what makes an outfit a great outfit, designers have known this for years, just take a look at the new pre-fall collections and you’ll notice nipples are it these days!

I personally love the look of it! It’s sexy, it’s a bit provocative, and it very feminine.
But i don’t particularly like the feeling of not wearing a bra, i know lots of woman find it refreshing to toss their bra’s in the air late at night or throughout the day, but i personally stick to mine dearly. It’s a very personal feeling, but i think that everybody is allowed to feel however they’d like, or wear whatever they want.

Not so long ago i read about ‘fake nipples’, there’s a woman in Michigan making fake nipples, under her own brand called ‘Just-Nips’ She started her company about one year ago and it has been booming every since, the idea consists that woman can be sexy whenever and however they’d like, and if they feel like showing a little nipple you no longer have to face not having to wear a bra for it.

I was intrigued to say the least…

I went to the website and ordered two pairs of nipples, cold edition (which is one of the most common sizes) and the freezing edition, (which is slightly bigger than the cold ones).
5 days later my nipples arrived, i was thrilled! I figured i should really show them off on my first day wearing them, so i wore a sexy top, with an open neck and shoulders in dark blue, and a blue Diana von Furstenberger pants underneath it.

My first trip would be shopping on the Rue Saint Honore in Paris, there i went walking down one of Paris most crowded shopping street with my two new best friends proudly pointing through my top.
I noticed some people would stare, others would smile at me.

But the feeling it gave me was indescribable… I felt super sexy, and confident, I felt like i could rule the world, or for that day my world at least. It gave me a certain extra boost throughout the day.

In general the comments i’ve received throughout that day were all really positive, many people especially woman came up to me and told me how much they appreciate my look.

Most of my male friends who i had told the story, thought it was a weird thing to do, but i don’t see it that way, we are beautiful sexy woman, who have the right to be sexy and show our sexuality, if that means going braless go do it, if that means wearing fake nipples, by all means do it.

The company’s owner, Molly has also been helping breast cancer organisations by sending them free fake nipples. The company has since it started send over a 1.000 fake nipples to breast cancer organisations.


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