Love yourself <3

Self confidence,

If you’re like me and you are a rather shy person it is very difficult for some to feel self confident.

When i was younger i always expected self confidence to come with aging, but as i grow older i realised that self confidence is something we should learn to have within us.

We tend tot hink that when we have everything, and when everything in our lives is going perfectly, we will be at our best and so will our confidence be, and that is a wrong idea to live with.
Self confidence, should not only happen when everything is right or when you think after losing 10 pounds you will finally be good enough…

As a kid i moved to Spain from Belgium with my parents,
I remember my first years at school, i didn’t knew the language and making friends was complicated since they all spoke Spanish, i was also homesick for the first 3 years or so. I kept longing to move back to Belgium… I felt myself more and more crawling into my own little niche. A niche i build myself by the thoughts i had about myself and they weren’t positive…
when i turned 14 i made a decision not to let myself down and make something out of my life, it was time i would stand up for who i was and not what other would want me to be.
Thankfully i had very comforting parents who stood by my decision.

At age 15 i got scouted by an agent from a modelling agency in London. The agency was based out in London and in Canada, they asked me to do a test shoot and 2 months later i was signed with them, unfortunately London thought i was too young for the business, and so they tried to help me from a distance they put me in contact with agencies in Barcelona since this was closer to home, and would’ve be such a big move to move.

I went to Barcelona when i was 16 years old, i went to work in an agency in the city centre of Bcn (short for Barcelona), I was very shy, had really long hair, was pretty tall, and not so skinny. I was really scared from all the stories i had heard about the industry, i was terrified i wouldn’t be able to do it, to have the courage to even go to a casting at all and present myself. But what i had learned in the upcoming 2 years was so much, i quickly made some friends in the industry and had the time of my life, it was fun, we would go to vip parties, do tv commercials for axe and volkswagen it was so much fun, we were living the dream….
Until i got 18..i started being homesick again, and i would spend all my free weekends traveling to Belgium, I would miss my family in Belgium a lot, and i would find ways to be able to stay longer in Antwerp every chance i had, so i one point i decided i wasn’t going to wait any longer, i quit my job with the agency in bcn and moved back to Belgium.

And then the most weird thing happened… Since i was 8 years old i expected my own country to make me feel comfortable and safe and at home again…And it totally backfired, i didn’t felt at home at all, i realised i had spend too much time away from belgium to ever feel at home here again. After a few months i was diagnosed with an illness, which wasn’t very pleasant, it got the best of me for weeks, i was sick for months and living off strong medication to get me through the day. At one point i had spend one week in the hospital and i got 2 days off and they told me to have so fun because the next few examinations will be a though one.
My mom and i went to Brussels to grab some lunch and she asked me what i wanted to do in those days, right at that moment i saw a car from Paris… ‘ I wanna go to Paris’ i said, she looked at me and went are you sure? it’s a few hours driving, ‘yes’ i wanna go, i haven’t been in years and i felt lik Paris was going to give me something i wouldn’t find anywhere else.
The next day we took the car and went to Paris, it was as if a new world opened in front of me, beautiful houses, all the best stores, the sun was shining, it was as if i was dreaming.
5 months later i moved to Paris and it has been the best decision i’ve ever made.

But to go back to subject, we think that we can grow or learn self confidence, but it isn’t, we have to let go of all the woulda coulda shoulda and just enjoy life, do what is it you love, because working on yourself is as important as figuring out where you wanna live, and how you wanna live.
Life is what created you, what makes you you.
Enjoy how you look like, appreciate your body for all the amazing things it does, if you think you’re too fat or too skinny, don’t worry about it, let it go and relax.
Do what you feel is right, don’t do what others think you should.
Only listen to your own voice, that voice deep inside you that knows,

You are beautiful as you are with what you have, cause what you have is plenty.
and if you have a dream you wanna realise, don’t be scared to try it.
It might be scary, it might be big, it might fail but it might also give you your best life possible.
So as you’re reading this now, relax, take a deep breath, enjoy your life the way it is right now, even if it’s not how you want it to be at this point, but you gotta appreciate what you have already before dreaming about others things you wanna have.

Love yourself, because you are a perfect human being, put on this earth to do amazing things in your life and others.

The experiences of my past have made me the strong 22 year old woman i am today, today i have a healthy love for myself, i know what my worth is and i don’t let anyone tell me differently.

The person that i am today, had achieved so many things my 14 year old could have never imagined me doing, and if i had the opportunity to give my younger self some tips and advice, i’d tell her not to worry, whatever it is you want it will come to you as long as you believe in yourself and in what you are doing. Be proud of who you are and never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. You reading this, are perfect.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

― Steve Jobs

I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.

— Lucille Ball


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