When a woman loves a man… 

When a girl loves a man, 
On any given day you can fall in love with someone, you can love them in a way you have never loved someone before… They can mean the world to you. 

That someone can be madly in love with you too, and you create a beautiful love story. 

But sometimes that person doesn’t love you back the same way that you love them. 

You’re self confidence is ruined, you feel rejected, you feel like you will never love again. 

Or at least not as much as you loved that one person. 

But you will… 

even-though it seems impossible at that time, and your heart will need to heal but in the end you will fall in love again. 
With someone new, someone nice, someone sweet, someone who’s ready for the kind of love that you have to offer and does not take it for granted. 
Someone that is willing to hold your hand thru the darkest of times.
Maybe it will take you months, maybe years… 
Maybe it can even be that same person that will start to love you back in a way you deserve, nobody knows, life is complicated when it comes down to love. But one day you’ll be laying in bed on a Sunday morning with the love of your life and it’ll be all worth it. 

‘Is that Charlie? 

Can I… – How did you meet? – 

At a party. I’d come to Toronto on a teaching exchange. We started talking and I had this feeling about him. The same for him. It wasn’t exactly a thunderclap or a lightning bolt. It was more like a… 

Light drizzle? You honestly never had that feeling about anybody in your entire life? If I did, I would not admit it. His chin looks a little weak, if you ask me. It doesn’t and I didn’t. Why wouldn’t you admit it? Why should I? Look where it has got you. Maybe if you did, you wouldn’t have that little problem we mustn’t talk about. It’s not a problem. It’s just a temporary… There is something in his eyes. – Vain. It is a word, no? – It is a word. He has beautiful eyes. And he knows it. You can see it in his smile. Not even a smile. A smirk. It is a word? Shut up. Is it a word? Two words, no? Why are you chasing after him after what he’s done to you? Because I love him. And I’m afraid that if he doesn’t come back, that I’ll… it’ll hurt so much that I’ll shrivel up and never be able to love anyone again. You say that now but… after a time, you would forget. First, you would forget his chin and then his nose and after a while you would struggle to remember the exact colour of his eyes. And one day you wake up and he’s gone. His voice, his smell, his face. He will have left you. And then you can begin again.

PARIS – NIGHT Harry, with his collar turned up against the cold, walks past the glass pyramid in front of The Louvre. EXT. PONT NEUF – PARIS – MOMENTS LATER Harry walks over the bridge, the beauty surrounding him just making it all worse. He stops, looks out at the Seine. He hears a classic French song in the distance, then sees a small barge, playing the music, pass beneath him. Without warning, a tear falls from his eye. HARRY (laughs at himself) At the end of the day, I’m nothin’ but a sap, a stupid old sap, standing on a bridge in Paris, crying my eyes out. He stops, looks at the mighty city surrounding him. Beauty’s not supposed to hurt. Another tear. HARRY (almost amused) Look who gets to be the girl. He wipes his eyes on his coat sleeve as SNOW begins to fall. HARRY (looking toward heaven) Anything else… . ERICA’S VOICE Harry? Harry turns and sees Erica standing by a Cab with its motor running, snow falling on her hair and coat. HARRY Where’s Julian? ERICA He went back to the hotel. HARRY How come? 128. ERICA (walking to him) He said when he saw me with you, he knew I was still in love with you. What do you have to say about that? HARRY If it’s true, my life just got made. ERICA Why’d you come here, Harry? HARRY Because I realized what I was feeling for you, have always felt for you, was something I didn’t understand, like a language I didn’t speak… (she listens…) It scared me so I did what I do. I snuck away. Turns out the heart attack was easy to get over. You were somethin’ else. (she’s starting to melt) And when I went to see all those women, I found out I was never really present for any of them. And something inside me at some point, had just…shut off. That’s when I think my heart gave out and you saved me. I finally get what it’s all about. I’m 63 years old and I am in love for the first time in my life. And that’s what I came here to say. ERICA Okay, this is the best birthday ever. HARRY I know I’m no spring chicken, I figure I only got another 30-40 years in me. Tops. But how ’bout we figure out a way to make this work. ERICA Okay. HARRY Okay? Okay! I’ll take it. The Barge drifts back under the bridge, La Vie En Rose piping out of it’s tinny speakers. HARRY Honey, they’re playing our song. 129. She comes close and he pulls her in, kissing her great. And as they separate, he smiles, relieved.

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