Summer essentials


It’s that time of the year again! Lovely hot weather, sunshine shining over us, not a cloud in the sky apart from one tiny detail…Our beloved skin is secretly suffering in silence…
While most of us know the benefits of using lots and lots of spf protection a recent consumers survey in Belgium found out that from the 10 products they tested (products varied from known luxury brands to less known supermarket house brands), the results were chocking…
Three of the products tested didn’t had the required spf in it, 4 others claimed on the label to be spf 50 but after dermatological testing revealed they only contained enough for it to be an spa 15…
Which is to say the least,… Troublesome news.
After another recent study, testers have done a survey under one thousand men and woman living in a Western European country who were going to a hot holiday destination this summer, if they would apply enough sun cream on their stay there, turns out almost 50% sporadically put some cream on, 20% told the interviewers they would go out the door without anything on, and the remaining said they would put some on before leaving the house but do not re-apply after exiting the swimming pool or after sweating for a reasonable amount of hours.
As a redhead myself i have always known to take old care of my skin while on holiday i would not leave the house before putting a sun cream all over myself which was a waterproof spf 50. But finding a spf 50 sun cream here in Western Europe is unfortunately not that easy, luckily i go to Western Australia once or twice a year and would literally pile up the tubes of sun cream i buy at local pharmacies there.

Apart from wearing sun cream our skin also get dryer in the summer, and suffers a lot from the hot and dry climate. Luckily there are some things we could do to give our skin a bit of help.

1 (waterspray Avene) i used to spray before i go into the sun and when i come back, it refreshed my skin in a great way and is not sticky.

2 Chanel face mist i use this spray during the day all over my face just a few sprays is enough for your skin to feel comfortable and helps it regain its elasticity again.

3 I use this oil (grown alchemist skin oil) at night right before i’m going to get my beauty sleep, the oil works really well when applied right after using toner and right before using your favourite night cream.

4 I stay true to the stay hydrate skin cream, i apply a little amount right after using my serum and right before applying sun cream to my face, it keeps it very flexible and makes my skin looks clear and well hydrated,

5 hydra tinted repair day cream, i occasionally change my day cream and use this one instead, or i’ll mix both the hydrate skin cream with a little amount of the hydra repair to get the effect of having applied foundation.

Next i use the Supergoop Lip Balm, i especially love this product because the sun on your lips can make you get cold sores (this happened to me in Australia once) the sensation of getting a cold sore from the sun is very unpleasant and for the rest of the time you can barely go into the sun with the cold sore because it starts to itch a lot when it comes in contact with the sun, so i love this product because it has one of the highest spf protector that i have ever found in a lip balm so far, even the ones i bought in Australia only were spy 15/20 max. And the higher the spf the higher the protection 😉

Sunscreen wise i use a variety of brands, it depends on which one i carry in my bag at the time, if i’ll wear it or not, but i’ve tested all of the following products for many years in the past and never got burned while wearing any of them.

Also make sure to drink lots and lots of water during the summer, your body and skin will thank you for it.

& Blueberries! Eat lots of blueberries in the summer, not only are they easy to find this season but their nutrition value is incredible and they taste delicious. Easy to blend some into a smoothy in the morning or to add some to your morning muesli or porridge.


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