The importance of leaving someone when you’ve had enough

The importance of leaving someone when you’ve had enough

When fixing it isn’t going to cut it,

Relationships are these great magical things you can have with someone else, a great relationship can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, like there is no limit to what you can and cannot do, you wanna be nearby that person you wanna spend as much time as possible with that person, and when that person loves you in the same way you love them that’s when the relationship progresses into it’s magical stage.
A stage in which you can build on another, you start to think about a future together, you feel like this is the person you have always been looking for, you feel very loved and as ease with that person, this is what a relationship should be like, unfortunately there are many toxic relationships as well, toxic as in, the person isn’t treating you the way he should be treating you. He/she takes you for granted, or is not loving you in the way you should be loved, when this happens our nature instinct is to think it is our fault that this is happening, that we did something to deserve this sort of behaviour, that we didn’t love them enough so they turned their back on our relationship…
When this happens we tend to doubt ourselves, we tend to blame ourselves for what happened.
But really why though?, if a person changed from being nice and sweet in the relationship to being terrible and unloving it’s not your mistake, it’s not your fault either. it’s theirs and only theirs.
Maybe there have been things happening in the relationship that made one become like that, whatever their reasons may be, do not stay. I repeat, do not stay.

Sure, he/she was great at the beginning, and everything you could ask for at first but changed with time, and sure maybe he/she will change back into the person you once loved, but right now it’s important to think about you, who are you? Take some time off and get to know yourself, It’s important for your to realise your true value. What your are worth, and darling, you are worth everything. So do not let anyone else tell you differently, sure they can try to come back again, but know that you deserve to be loved in a great and gentle way, in a beautiful romantic kinda way, in a way that you feel so loved again that you cannot imagine settling for another kind of being loved ever again. Know that you are a powerful human being and with plenty of love to give to the right guy or woman.

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