Being an adult,

Being an adult,

I always wanted to be an adult, i always dreamed of being a grown up and how life would be when i’m in that stage of my life.

And now that i am an actual adult i fnd myself often pretty lost in this world, 

I keep on doubting myself, am i sure that i want to be a photographer all my life? Am i sure that that is all i want? Do i want more? Or do i want less? Would i ever actually move to Australia or will i keep living in  my favourite city in the world, Paris. 

Will i have children? Will i ever get married? Will i get my own company (what I always dream of having), truth be told is that i honestly don’t know the answer to any of these questions yet. 

The only thing i do know is that i am happy now and i wanna stay happy always. I wanna be loved and i wanna travel, i want to see every corner of the world, and i do want children one day but not before i have done my share or traveling around the world. Or before i made a name for myself working in the fashion industry. 

I want to know what it feels like to wake up on a sunday morning in the Italian Tuscany countryside, or in a small village on the coastside of Portugal. I want to know what it feels like to wake up in San Franscico or in Los Angeles. I already know what it feels like to wake up in Australia and i have never regretted making that decision, because when i look back at what i have done in my life in the last 5 years, i do not regret any part of it, or any decision that i’ve made, sure some weren’t the cleverest of ideas, and brought me to a place where i’ve learned a lot about myself. But regretting taking that decision? Never. 

And so is life. It’s incredibly short, shorter than most people would think, it does not give you the answers right away but the answers will unfold while you’re living. 

Do not be trapped by what people say you should do with your life and only do what you feel like doing, be good to others, love people a lot. 

Go to Paris or go to New York, start working on a new dream, or try an old one. 

Do exactly what you think you want to do. 

The world is yours. 

The good life 

The good life 

Of what does a good life consists? 

Some seem to think its when you have a lot of money, or that BMW you so desperately wanted with a big house to park it infront.

But is that really all that it takes to live a good life? To have a good life? 

I feel as though i will have to disagree with that statement, i fear as though if you are rich and that is all you have you are emotionally poor, i believe that happiness starts with how you feel everyday when you wake up, is it a good feeling? Or do you feel as though you’re living your life in a treadmill, keep on going to keep a roof over head.

But let me tell you… living life like that is not happiness nor is it living the good life…

Happiness, the good life is when you count your blessings more than you count your burdens, when you appreciate what has been given to you in this life so far, when you show gratitude for what you already have and keep a positive attitude about the future. 

A good life to me consists in being able to make love to someone you think is the most beautiful thing in the world, and loving them each and every day.

A good life consists out of not being afraid to ask for what you want in this life but don’t be afraid to go after that what it is you want either. As a saying goes in Belgium ‘You’ve already got a no you might as well go for a yes as while you’re at it’.

A good life consists in being surrounded by the people you love, forgive them if they make mistakes, love them anyway. 

A good life consists in eating good food, try cooking, if you hate it, let someone else cook for you, go to a nice restaurant and indulge yourself in the absolutely magical flavours the world has to offer.

A good life consists for me in laughing often, and in caring for others.

A good life consists to me in doing something you love. Too many people ignore their dreams and do not chase them out of fear of failing at it. Do not be afraid… ever in your life. My dad always says to me ‘Even if you’re afraid it will happen anyway, so don’t be afraid’. 

I once read a quote and i cannot remember who said it but it goes something like this: ‘You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance and try something you do want’. 

A good life to me consists in having fun, having fun on a daily basis

A good life consist in enjoying a nice glass of wine or prosecco or champagne, spoil yourself often. You deserve it.

A good life consists in loving others, dance often, laugh always and never be too afraid to do something. 

A good life consists in reading books, any sort of books wheter it be comic books or novels or poetry books. 

The good life most of all consists in loving hard and appreciate the little things in life and do not take anything that is given to you for granted. 

“One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words”.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Find your focus by seeking all that is good in your life”.

Lorii Myers, Make It Happen. 

Self acceptance

Self acceptance

He moves he’s fingers over my chest, feels my scars, feels my big scars and my small scars, he moves he’s hand slowly from my stomach to my chest area following the trail of my scar… He never asked me what happened, but instead he plants small and tiny kisses on top of the scar.

Everybody is born with a small leak between the left and right chamber of the heart which sort of closes by itself when you’re a baby, i was born with the leak as well but unlike everybody else’s heart, the leak in my heart didn’t close… It stayed open… It made my heart pump blood from one side to the other which sounds normal but in my case the oxygen blood and the non oxygen blood made my heart pump a lot to keep up with the pace, which made my body sort of switch off various functions, i couldn’t cry, i couldn’t eat, after 2 weeks doctors quickly noticed i lost weight instead of gaining it, and i lost it as a quick pace, after 5 weeks my mom went to a specialist to check out what was wrong with me, he didn’t say what it was, but instead told my mom she had to go immediately with me to a specialised clinic nearby Brussels.

The next day my parents meet a professor, 2 specialists and a child cardiologist, the verdict was in, i had a ventricular septal defect, and the only solution to fix me was to undergo surgery, open heart surgery, but i was too weak to do the operation in the near future so they kept me on the intensive care for 2 months.

There i was, a super tiny baby with lots of wires connected from all over. After 3 months they were ready to do the surgery, since my chances on surviving were still very slim the doctor only wanted to do the surgery with he’s own personalised team, 7 specialist from all over Belgium and one plastic surgeon and lots of nurses, were busy fixing me in what ended as a 9 hour long operation.

When i was a kid i knew i was different from all the other kids in my class, my whole class knew what had happened, but sometimes a bully from outside our class would make fun of me because of my scar, i’ve had people stare at it, or pointing at it, or randomly pointing and saying ‘what happened there?’.

When working as a model some photographers would photoshop away the scars, others would keep it, some would ask the make up artist to retouch it a bit, but to be honest i rather have it out there in the open, i don’t wanna hide my scar, i’m not embarrassed for it, today my scar signifies that i’m stronger than i could ever think i am, that i have my own special tattoo, one that not too many people have, i’ve learned over the years to accept myself the way i am, and i would never photoshop the scar. Because it’s such a big part of me. It made me who i am today.

So to all the people out there feeling embarrassed for a scar, or scar tissue, don’t be, it’s not worth it, a scar is simply there to tell you, that you are a very strong person that has gone through something very significant, but in the end you made it and that’s what counts… So love yourself as you are right here, right now.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
Jalaluddin Rumi


Dating an Italian

Dating an Italian

Dating an Italian, i expected it not to change so much from dating French men, but boy was i wrong…

Italians are way more sensitive then French men, or any other nationality i’ve ever dated, they’re very passionate about where they come from, and it is very normal to be invited to some Spaghetti or Pizza on the first date, and it is very normal that they will prepare it for you, italians express their love for you in the kitchen, they will try to blow your mind with their amazing cooking skills, and truth be told, their cooking skills are far better than mine will ever be.

Wine or Prosecco is a very important part in dating, they would find it very weird if you dislike wine or sparkling wine for that matter, so is coffee, coffee is not just coffee…No coffee is an entire experience into making the perfect cup.

The first time i asked my Italian if i could have a spoon to eat my spaghetti with, he looked at me like i just told him Santa Claus does not exist, he had the weirdest look on he’s face and asked me ‘I do have a spoon but what will you do with it?, i said to eat the spaghetti’, Him: You cannot do that, that is just wrong, that is ruining the spaghetti, i tried giving the Italian way a chance, and after many countless attempts i finally made it, i finally discovered how to eat spaghetti with one hand, and turning it elegantly with one hand too.

The 2nd time he invited me over for some spaghetti i was sort of confused, i felt like this was just for one thing only, and i had not even think about the fact that he might wanna cook for me again, so i picked a fight, and we made up after some more spaghetti.

Italians are very sensitive and emotional, like my Italian friend who hugs me all the time, and gives me these sweet small kisses in my neck and on my cheek. Italians are like an open book, within the first date you’ll know everything about them. They’re fast to speak about their feelings. I feel like what most people say about Italians is true… All the stereotypes from Italians being great lovers is true as well.

When i first went to Italy, i’ve noticed that it’s true that most Italians drive Fiat’s and eat ice cream, and pizza and spaghetti all day, and they laugh about it as well.

I took my car and drove from Milan, to lake Como, and from Lake Como i went to Portofino.


By the time i got to Portofino my cell phone wasn’t working anymore and i got lost, it was 2 in the morning and i did not knew where to go at all, and i had been walking around a lot before that so i was really thirsty, for some reason i could not find any service station, i had a little fiat Abarth 500 and i was cruising thru the mountain side of northern Italy. It sounds very idilic and it sure was but at that time i really needed to find a highway somewhere that could get me back to Milan 🙂

After 30 minutes i found a little village, it was really dark and i didn’t saw anybody outside anymore, after another 15 minutes into the village i’ve found an ice ream bar, which was literally full with locals, i got 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 3 glasses of Prosecco & and the nearest exit to get onto the highway. It resulted in being one of the most amazing nights of my life.


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Why do woman become emotionally attached?

Why do woman become emotionally attached?

I think this question is one that has been asked many times, but I’m still curious though, would it be easier for a guy to sleep with someone and never talk to them again? is it because they’re less emotional or are they emotional but just don’t admit it?

Are woman too emotional? or are we too quick to like someone?

So many questions, so little answers…

When i went to ask my friends they all said pretty much the same thing, It depends of whom, sometimes i’ve had one night stands that turned into a relationship, other times it just wasn’t there, that click or that vibe that would connect us to build a relationship.

But how come the percentage of woman is significantly higher when it comes to emotionally getting attached to once they’ve slept with someone?

According to science there is a hormone in both a male and female’s body, which is called oxytocin also known as the cuddle hormone, it makes you become emotionally attached to someone, and woman have a significantly higher percentage of it than most men do. Of course there are some exceptions, such as men that have a lot of emotions and would get emotionally attached to a woman after they’ve slept with them, but in general i’ve noticed most men are not like that. But then again, maybe the man i’ve slept with are emotional but just not with me, i believe that it all depends on how much you feel a click with someone as well, if you do not click and end up in bed together, chances are it might still not click after you’re slept together, but if you do feel a click, it can increase the good feeling even more afterwards.





How to be a model

How to be a model

This is a question i’ve been asked many times,

I’ve started my career as a model when i got scouted at age 15, by a British agency based in London, i remember my very first photo shoot like it was yesterday, i was so shy and scared that i wouldn’t be good enough, by my 4th photoshoot i got a really nice photographer and the vibe in the studio was so chilled and laid back, i didn’t felt pressured and i felt super at home there, when the cameras turned on, and i got my make up and hair done, it was finally showtime, and that’s the i figured that i became i different persona when i’m in front of the lens. I sort of create this Kelly that is not afraid of anything, that is strong enough to handle anything, that can do anything, it was sort of like having a superwoman’s side, and i could change myself from shy Kelly to Kelly camera ready right away, and i loved it, the fact that i could change myself and make or break a picture was a very powerful thought for me. i could dress up, or be au natural, i could do or be anything i wanted… When somebody takes pictures of me today, i still do this trick, i don’t pose, i completely put myself and my mind in the scenario i’m trying to show.  It’s almost like acting but with small stops to capture the right photo.

That is why, really explaining you how to pose is never gonna work, it’s in your mind, you gotta transform yourself like you are in that moment, if it’s a fashion shoot imagine you’re Doutzen Kroes, do not think you’re a starting model, never think you’re a starting model or not a model, everybody can pulls this off. it just needs some imagination and have fun with it.

It will take a while before you will learn to apply this to your everyday photoshoot, but one day, it’ll start to come to you automatically, and you won’t even think about doing this anymore.

But most of all, have fun! Photoshoots are tons of fun, do not stress out too much, i remember a photoshoot once where the girl had never done a photoshoot before and she was really nervous, and i was the photographer, the first pictures weren’t but they weren’t wow wish either, so i stopped the photoshoot and talked to her for a little while, what’s she’s like in life, the sort of things she loves, she told me she liked Beyonce and her music a lot, i said that’s great, what if i play a bit of Beyonce and we’ll dance a little and you have to act as though you are her, she started giggling, she said i can never do that, i said why not?, she said, because i’m not her, i said you don’t have to be her, to imitate her, that’s what actors and models do, We laughed so much during this photoshoot, we danced in the middle of the city centre of London, it was one of those amazing photoshoots that i will remember forever, she really went with it, and finally believed that she was good enough, and gave me some amazing images, until this day nobody understands how i managed to take photos like that from her.

Believing in yourself as a model is a must, do not think you’re average, no, you are the best model here, start to believe that, not in acting cocky but in knowing your worth. ❤



Going to Pukkelpop 2017

Going to Pukkelpop 2017

Pukkelpop, is a rather famous festival hosted in the south of belgium every year in the month of August.

I remember booking a combination ticket for the full 4 days and i had no idea what i got myself into…

I remember sort of regretting having bought the tickets, since i’m not really a festival person, and the idea of really dirty toilets and bad food, combined with music that is always way too loud wasn’t my idea of fun,…But oh was i wrong!

I missed the first day due to having a really strong fever, but i was determined to be fit and ready by the second day, after a lot of paracetamol, combined with sort treat medication and cough syrup and about 14 hours of sleep that night, i woke up feeling refreshed and completely ready, i was so looking forward to this! After checking out some of the artists and bands i discovered that i was wrong music wise, it would not be horrible at all… I wad determined to make the best out of it!

After a 2 hour drive we arrived at the festival and i could not have bene more wrong…

The first artist i really wanted to check out was ABRA, the way she sang in that concert hall was flawless… by the time her concert ended i was already completely starstruck…

Next on was the naked and famous, an indie rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. who i already were pretty good, because i saw them perform in Western Australia once.

Next on, i tried some fries (belgian concert, Belgian fries…i had very high hopes for them to be amazing,..) but they were not amazing, they were by far the best fries i had ever tried, and as a Belgian myself, saying a statement like this means a lot 😉

Next on was Solange…Can i say wow to Solange?, i mean her performance was completely mind blowing, next on was Sigma… I must say at first i didn’t expect he’s concert to be this good… But the atmosphere was so good, and the singers that he brought were amazing as well, by the end of the concert they played ‘.Nobody to love’ 50.000 people were singing nobody to love with them….It gave me goosebumps and a memory i will forever remember.

The last but not least band was THE XX, a British band, with the lead singer having her birthday that day, which made over 100.000 people sing happy birthday in a crowd for her, it was another moment i will never forget.

the 2nd day of the festival i was not fully recovered from my night before watching the xx, so i decided to only get a glimpse of a few other artists that day before going back to bed, and get some well needed sleep, i had seen clean bandit, and can i just say, wow as well, they were amazing live and went all for it, next on it fakear who’s a French dj, mostly making electronic music, but i had never heard form him before, until that day and i got hooked on he’s music, the way he makes music is as if it takes you away to a different world, that evening at he’s performance we were all in a different world due to he’s music. I saw London Grammar performing, that girl has the best voice ever without a doubt, but i was unfortunately too tired to watch the whole show.

at the 3rd and final day of the festival, i made sure i was completely ready and awake and energised to stay until the very end, I saw Fritz Kalkbrenner, i saw Bakermat, who’s installation failed to work as some point, and the whole crowd decided to sing the song instead, again goosebumps.

To close the festival there was Flume, performing some of he’s most famous tracks, he was very humble and sweet, and he’s performance was incredible as well.

Overall i was extremely tired, i had overeaten on too many fries, and chocolate and ice cream, and beer and prosecco, but it was all worth it. I had the best 3 days of my life there, and i’ll sure be back next year! ❤