Dating Frenchman…

A question that many of my international friends have been asking me ever since i moved here to Paris.. What’s it like to date French men?, How are they in the way of dating? are they as they claim to be in all the movies and romantic books? Or are they like any other nationality when it comes down to dating?

I’ve started dating Alexis when i was 19, It was a very cold Winter in Paris, Alexis was a handsome, tall, Parisian who lived with he’s parents just outside Paris. He would drive around Paris with me in he’s Peugeot from 1989, he was charming, cute and extremely irresistible, i remember our first date, we agreed on meeting at a metro station right outside where i live, We walked towards the station, get on the 2nd metro and after 20 minutes we arrive at this very typical french cafe, like any other cafe a french cafe usually has lots and lots of beer and wine and spirits to choose from, and always has a plateau de charcuterie, which he ordered, He would spread some Camembert on a piece of bread and look and give me in this playful sort of look ‘Would you like to try it? he said, it was too good to resist…Needless to say our first date was a huge success, on our second date we went to a bistro just a across the ‘Pantheon’ which is a big old building, which is turned into a museum these days, it’s absolutely gorgeous inside, and it is the resting place of Voltaire and many other French literatures. The Area is called ‘Latin area’ and it is famous for it’s bistro’s, ideal for 1st 2nd and 3rd dates.

After dinner we went to a tiny bar, which was at the other side of the Pantheon building, it was super crowded, but oh so cosy, We drank 2 of the typical french shots, i cannot remember the name but it was extremely sweet, but not strong at all, we walked outside, back to the pantheon to catch the last metro, right before entering the metro he kissed me, it wasn’t a kiss it was ‘the’ kiss…it was one of the best kisses i had ever had the pleasure of having, and it went above all French kissing expectations, we get into the metro, it was really crowded there as well, we continue kissing, (and this is one of the things i looove about living in Paris, kissing or showing emotions towards somebody in public is seen here as a beautiful thing, A Parisian or French man or woman would not judge you if you are kissing on the street, instead they would congratulate it).

Our deeply passionate love affair ended after almost 5 months of seeing each other, and even though i’m still not sure if i loved him or not, we did had a fabulous time together, and i’m always grateful for that.

Before Alexis i had been seeing another French guy but the chemistry was not so good like it was with Alexis, Philippe was great and nice, but Phillip showed me on our 2nd date that he was only looking for fun, which wasn’t something i was looking for at the time. (Most of the French people start to seriously date someone when they pass 35, so if you’re in your 20ies it can sometimes be a bit of a hassle to find someone who is not looking for just fun)

Shortly after Alexis, i’ve dated Louis, Louis was a shy but charming French man, he lived with he’s parents in the 11th district of Paris, we had been dating for about 4 months, but i think Louis and i always sort of felt there wasn’t enough chemistry, and so on one lonely evening i mentioned these things to him, and we got into a not so nice fight, we made up after that as friends, but decided it’s best if we stayed friends.

Louis however showed me a lot about Paris, and how Parisians live and are like, most Parisians leave mid august to go to a summer house somewhere in the south of France, almost every Parisian has at least one friend, or a family member that either owns or rents a house there, or knows someone who does. I’ve been introduced to the family on an early stage, which i think is mostly French, because in neither Belgium or Spain is this the norm, drinking wine is something that goes hand in hand, food wise, i once tried dating and dieting at the same time, and let’s just say i didn’t work out too well for my diet.


After many many more dates with other French man, i’ve come to realise that most French man are sweet and kindhearted, they are always up for some fun, it’s very Parisian to call you in the middle of the night and ask you to go out, some are shy, but most of them are pretty straightforward, if they like you, they will tell you soon enough, but if they don’t, they will not tell you, they will simply stop responding to your messages.

I’ve found that French man are really as romantic as they claim to be, one of the many dating options here in Paris is to sit on the side of the seine with a blanket and a bottle of wine and some strawberries, or to go to a romantic picturesque cute cafe and have a drink there under candlelight, or go and watch a nice romantic movie.

I do not think that dating a French man is like dating ay other European nationality, i feel like French man, are more sensitive and pay more attention to details, there have been a few times when someone commented me on my jacket, my heels, or my new haircut, or my red lipstick, which has never happened to me in any other country so far.

I’d advice anybody who has the chance to date a French man to give it a chance and try it at least once, maybe you’ll live happily ever after, or maybe it will only be a short romantic fling, in either case you would get so many memories in return which you will be grateful for.

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