Family love <3

What if love is the answer to everything we have been questioning ourselves?

As cliche as this sounds, i've heard this phrase a few years ago and i thought they were overreacting with the whole love thing, i was cynical about love, or loving anyone at all, sure i love my parents, family, friends, but this breathtaking can't live without each other love? no, i did not believe in that, until weirdly enough it happened to me, it wasn't exactly a thunderstruck, more like a feeling that finally made sense.

I always had a difficult relationship with my sister, i did not actually knew any of her 3 kids, nor did they knew me… Until two weeks ago, there they were, the first time my 7 year old niece called my name, my heart melted, the first time she held my hands, or the first time she came up to me to give me a big hug and some kisses, the first time my 2 year old nephew laid he's head on my shoulders while i hugged him, or the first time my 4 year old nephew called me by my name, and asked me if i could help him down the stairs… There is no limit to the things you wanna do for them, nothing is too much for you, you do it, you risk it all, when i left them, my sister called me the next day saying they had not slept at all, they kept asking when i was coming back… At that moment i finally understood what it was all about, i finally realised how much i love them, and how much i love love itself, it's this magical bond you can have with certain people in your life, it's this crazy thing that changes your ways of living, you feel like there is nothing you cannot do, as long as you know you got them.

“I believe
in love at first sight
but I will always believe
that the people
we love
we have loved before.
Many, many, many times before
and when we stumble
through grace and circumstance
and that brilliant illusion of choice
to finally meet them again,
we feel it faster
each time through.
The one glance
that set life alight
is two sets of two eyes
staring through the layers
of lifetimes and stolen glances
and first kisses and hands held;
the brace against the weight
and unrelenting tide
of waiting.
I believe
in love at first sight
but am not burdened with the misconception
that it's a first sight
at all.”
Tyler Knott Gregson

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