My sister and i were super close, from the moment i was born she became the big protective sister, protecting me from outside dangers, carrying me around, or driving me around in my stroller, kissing me on my head, holding my hands at the movies, hugging me when i was sad or afraid, helping me when big kids were mean to me, no matter what she was always there for me, and although our relationship isn’t as strong as it used to be, when i heard the news yesterday that she was admitted into the hospital and that they had found something inside of her body that might be cancerous, it was at that moment yesterday that i felt like my whole world was collapsing, although they had found it quickly, and removed all of it, the fear of losing my only sister dawned on me, because let’s be honest, what would i be without her?, sure we had our problems, we had our good and bad days, the last few years have not been the best for our relationship, but even after all that has happened we would never give up on trying, trying for a better relationship, to make us go back to how we used to be, it wasn’t until 3 weeks ago when i was in a adventure park and i was scared of the height of the installation that she gave me her hand, and i gladly took it, and during the entire ride, i hid behind her arm/shoulders.

Because as much as i sometimes deny it, my sister is in the end who made me, me.

She’s the one that taught me all about music, and about dating and boys, she’s the one that was there when no one else wanted to play with me, she was there during the good, the bad, and the perfect days.

A sister’s relationship is funny, it is daunting at times, it is not always easy, and it takes a lot of courage and patients, but no matter how hard the road gets, we will always love each other.

I’m the youngest child, and i’ve always loved being the youngest child because i knew that whenever i needed it, i would have my big sister to count on.



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