Saying you’re not interested…

Saying you’re not interested…

Saying you’re not interested is particularly difficult at times, sometimes a person can be not so nice which makes it slightly easier to tell him, but if he’s a sweet nice and caring guy but you just don’t feel the vibe, it can be kinda harsh to tell him you don’t feel the connection, i myself am a terrible person at telling someone i’m not interested in seeing them again, i’m terrible as in, i usually don’t have the courage to tell them straight away so i hold it in and keep going on dates with that person with the hope i might eventually like him in the end, which of course never happens, i’ll keep waiting so long that eventually my body will start to resent it, which makes me even more nervous to tell them.

Like this date i had with Lazslo, Lazslo is the typical Parisian, living in the 17th, born and raised in the city, he’s a good guy but really not my type, i’ve seen him twice and there was no connection at all, he messaged me this morning asking me if it’s ok to see each other again, i really wasn’t up for that, so i felt like it was time to be a adult, and tell him how i feel about him, i told him  that i did not felt a connection with him, and no chemistry…He took a while before he replied, with ‘ok, no problem’.

And i couldn’t help but think to myself why don’t i do this more often? every single time i go on a date and i don’t feel the connection?, instead of hoping it would eventually come, i might as well just tell them upfront.

I once did this with another guy and he called me many many names… And i think i sort of got my fear to tell a guy straight away from him.

But even though it’s sort of hard, and i don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings, i still believe it’s best to be genuine and upfront with someone.


4 thoughts on “Saying you’re not interested…

  1. The dating scene is brutal, the very least we can do is be honest and move on from the ones who aren’t the ones for us. Because they are the person for someone and we shouldn’t lead them on when that someone else is waiting to meet them!

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    1. Exactly! That’s how i feel as well, but sometimes you feel scared to tell
      Someone this… But either way it’s a brutal scene indeed & the best policy is honesty especially on these sort of matters. Thanks for your comment btw 🙂

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