22 things i’ve learned in 22 years.

In about 4 months time i’ll be 23, 23 and supposedly i’ll be wiser and smarter then i used to be when i was 22.


Even i sometimes cannot believe how much i’ve learned in just a few months time, it feels like it just keeps getting better and better, so in a way i’m really curious to see what i would be like and what i will have learned by the time i’m 25 or 27.

But for now, here’s a list of things i’ve learned in the last 22 years.

1, love your family

2, love your friends, but understand that some people will come and go in your life. Let them.

3, forgive people, even when they least deserve it, not because of them but because it makes you grow wiser and better as a person & because everybody makes mistakes.

4, love hard, what i’ve learned about love in the past 22 years is that loving someone hard is the best thing you can do. It can be a family member, a friend, or a lover it doesn’t matter as long as you love hard.

5, make mistakes, make as many mistakes as possible, it’ll teach you so much in the process of doing so.

6, travel— I cannot put this out there enough, but go to an unfamiliar place and get lost i it’s culture, in it’s cities, villages, people.

7, take long walks… preferably in a park or at the beach, it works as a medicine for the soul anytime, any day.

8, be kind to every you meet

9, smile to everyone you meet

10, do what you love, do not spend time or money on things you do not love, go only for what it is you love, and keep working at it to do better.

11, do not spend time judging people, sure there will be people in your life that you don’t like, but don’t spend time or energy on judging them.

12, go to the beach often, get into your swimsuit and play in the water like a little kid does

13, money is not the nr 1, money is definitely important but it is not everything.

14, take at least one long haul flight each year, doesn’t matter where all that matters is that it’s far away from where you come from..

15, do not spend energy on things that do not go your way, accept it and move on.

16, go to festivals, music festivals, cider festivals…

17, get your driving license

18, get a passport,

19, pay your taxes

20, get your health checked upon regularly

21, fall madly in love with someone,

22, fall madly out of love with someone, be wild, have fun, and enjoy the ride.




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