Going to Pukkelpop 2017

Pukkelpop, is a rather famous festival hosted in the south of belgium every year in the month of August.

I remember booking a combination ticket for the full 4 days and i had no idea what i got myself into…

I remember sort of regretting having bought the tickets, since i’m not really a festival person, and the idea of really dirty toilets and bad food, combined with music that is always way too loud wasn’t my idea of fun,…But oh was i wrong!

I missed the first day due to having a really strong fever, but i was determined to be fit and ready by the second day, after a lot of paracetamol, combined with sort treat medication and cough syrup and about 14 hours of sleep that night, i woke up feeling refreshed and completely ready, i was so looking forward to this! After checking out some of the artists and bands i discovered that i was wrong music wise, it would not be horrible at all… I wad determined to make the best out of it!

After a 2 hour drive we arrived at the festival and i could not have bene more wrong…

The first artist i really wanted to check out was ABRA, the way she sang in that concert hall was flawless… by the time her concert ended i was already completely starstruck…

Next on was the naked and famous, an indie rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. who i already were pretty good, because i saw them perform in Western Australia once.

Next on, i tried some fries (belgian concert, Belgian fries…i had very high hopes for them to be amazing,..) but they were not amazing, they were by far the best fries i had ever tried, and as a Belgian myself, saying a statement like this means a lot 😉

Next on was Solange…Can i say wow to Solange?, i mean her performance was completely mind blowing, next on was Sigma… I must say at first i didn’t expect he’s concert to be this good… But the atmosphere was so good, and the singers that he brought were amazing as well, by the end of the concert they played ‘.Nobody to love’ 50.000 people were singing nobody to love with them….It gave me goosebumps and a memory i will forever remember.

The last but not least band was THE XX, a British band, with the lead singer having her birthday that day, which made over 100.000 people sing happy birthday in a crowd for her, it was another moment i will never forget.

the 2nd day of the festival i was not fully recovered from my night before watching the xx, so i decided to only get a glimpse of a few other artists that day before going back to bed, and get some well needed sleep, i had seen clean bandit, and can i just say, wow as well, they were amazing live and went all for it, next on it fakear who’s a French dj, mostly making electronic music, but i had never heard form him before, until that day and i got hooked on he’s music, the way he makes music is as if it takes you away to a different world, that evening at he’s performance we were all in a different world due to he’s music. I saw London Grammar performing, that girl has the best voice ever without a doubt, but i was unfortunately too tired to watch the whole show.

at the 3rd and final day of the festival, i made sure i was completely ready and awake and energised to stay until the very end, I saw Fritz Kalkbrenner, i saw Bakermat, who’s installation failed to work as some point, and the whole crowd decided to sing the song instead, again goosebumps.

To close the festival there was Flume, performing some of he’s most famous tracks, he was very humble and sweet, and he’s performance was incredible as well.

Overall i was extremely tired, i had overeaten on too many fries, and chocolate and ice cream, and beer and prosecco, but it was all worth it. I had the best 3 days of my life there, and i’ll sure be back next year! ❤






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