How to be a model

This is a question i’ve been asked many times,

I’ve started my career as a model when i got scouted at age 15, by a British agency based in London, i remember my very first photo shoot like it was yesterday, i was so shy and scared that i wouldn’t be good enough, by my 4th photoshoot i got a really nice photographer and the vibe in the studio was so chilled and laid back, i didn’t felt pressured and i felt super at home there, when the cameras turned on, and i got my make up and hair done, it was finally showtime, and that’s the i figured that i became i different persona when i’m in front of the lens. I sort of create this Kelly that is not afraid of anything, that is strong enough to handle anything, that can do anything, it was sort of like having a superwoman’s side, and i could change myself from shy Kelly to Kelly camera ready right away, and i loved it, the fact that i could change myself and make or break a picture was a very powerful thought for me. i could dress up, or be au natural, i could do or be anything i wanted… When somebody takes pictures of me today, i still do this trick, i don’t pose, i completely put myself and my mind in the scenario i’m trying to show.  It’s almost like acting but with small stops to capture the right photo.

That is why, really explaining you how to pose is never gonna work, it’s in your mind, you gotta transform yourself like you are in that moment, if it’s a fashion shoot imagine you’re Doutzen Kroes, do not think you’re a starting model, never think you’re a starting model or not a model, everybody can pulls this off. it just needs some imagination and have fun with it.

It will take a while before you will learn to apply this to your everyday photoshoot, but one day, it’ll start to come to you automatically, and you won’t even think about doing this anymore.

But most of all, have fun! Photoshoots are tons of fun, do not stress out too much, i remember a photoshoot once where the girl had never done a photoshoot before and she was really nervous, and i was the photographer, the first pictures weren’t but they weren’t wow wish either, so i stopped the photoshoot and talked to her for a little while, what’s she’s like in life, the sort of things she loves, she told me she liked Beyonce and her music a lot, i said that’s great, what if i play a bit of Beyonce and we’ll dance a little and you have to act as though you are her, she started giggling, she said i can never do that, i said why not?, she said, because i’m not her, i said you don’t have to be her, to imitate her, that’s what actors and models do, We laughed so much during this photoshoot, we danced in the middle of the city centre of London, it was one of those amazing photoshoots that i will remember forever, she really went with it, and finally believed that she was good enough, and gave me some amazing images, until this day nobody understands how i managed to take photos like that from her.

Believing in yourself as a model is a must, do not think you’re average, no, you are the best model here, start to believe that, not in acting cocky but in knowing your worth. ❤



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