Dating an Italian

Dating an Italian, i expected it not to change so much from dating French men, but boy was i wrong…

Italians are way more sensitive then French men, or any other nationality i’ve ever dated, they’re very passionate about where they come from, and it is very normal to be invited to some Spaghetti or Pizza on the first date, and it is very normal that they will prepare it for you, italians express their love for you in the kitchen, they will try to blow your mind with their amazing cooking skills, and truth be told, their cooking skills are far better than mine will ever be.

Wine or Prosecco is a very important part in dating, they would find it very weird if you dislike wine or sparkling wine for that matter, so is coffee, coffee is not just coffee…No coffee is an entire experience into making the perfect cup.

The first time i asked my Italian if i could have a spoon to eat my spaghetti with, he looked at me like i just told him Santa Claus does not exist, he had the weirdest look on he’s face and asked me ‘I do have a spoon but what will you do with it?, i said to eat the spaghetti’, Him: You cannot do that, that is just wrong, that is ruining the spaghetti, i tried giving the Italian way a chance, and after many countless attempts i finally made it, i finally discovered how to eat spaghetti with one hand, and turning it elegantly with one hand too.

The 2nd time he invited me over for some spaghetti i was sort of confused, i felt like this was just for one thing only, and i had not even think about the fact that he might wanna cook for me again, so i picked a fight, and we made up after some more spaghetti.

Italians are very sensitive and emotional, like my Italian friend who hugs me all the time, and gives me these sweet small kisses in my neck and on my cheek. Italians are like an open book, within the first date you’ll know everything about them. They’re fast to speak about their feelings. I feel like what most people say about Italians is true… All the stereotypes from Italians being great lovers is true as well.

When i first went to Italy, i’ve noticed that it’s true that most Italians drive Fiat’s and eat ice cream, and pizza and spaghetti all day, and they laugh about it as well.

I took my car and drove from Milan, to lake Como, and from Lake Como i went to Portofino.


By the time i got to Portofino my cell phone wasn’t working anymore and i got lost, it was 2 in the morning and i did not knew where to go at all, and i had been walking around a lot before that so i was really thirsty, for some reason i could not find any service station, i had a little fiat Abarth 500 and i was cruising thru the mountain side of northern Italy. It sounds very idilic and it sure was but at that time i really needed to find a highway somewhere that could get me back to Milan 🙂

After 30 minutes i found a little village, it was really dark and i didn’t saw anybody outside anymore, after another 15 minutes into the village i’ve found an ice ream bar, which was literally full with locals, i got 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 3 glasses of Prosecco & and the nearest exit to get onto the highway. It resulted in being one of the most amazing nights of my life.


porto 4porto 1porto 3porto 11,3porto 9

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