Why do woman become emotionally attached?

I think this question is one that has been asked many times, but I’m still curious though, would it be easier for a guy to sleep with someone and never talk to them again? is it because they’re less emotional or are they emotional but just don’t admit it?

Are woman too emotional? or are we too quick to like someone?

So many questions, so little answers…

When i went to ask my friends they all said pretty much the same thing, It depends of whom, sometimes i’ve had one night stands that turned into a relationship, other times it just wasn’t there, that click or that vibe that would connect us to build a relationship.

But how come the percentage of woman is significantly higher when it comes to emotionally getting attached to once they’ve slept with someone?

According to science there is a hormone in both a male and female’s body, which is called oxytocin also known as the cuddle hormone, it makes you become emotionally attached to someone, and woman have a significantly higher percentage of it than most men do. Of course there are some exceptions, such as men that have a lot of emotions and would get emotionally attached to a woman after they’ve slept with them, but in general i’ve noticed most men are not like that. But then again, maybe the man i’ve slept with are emotional but just not with me, i believe that it all depends on how much you feel a click with someone as well, if you do not click and end up in bed together, chances are it might still not click after you’re slept together, but if you do feel a click, it can increase the good feeling even more afterwards.





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