Being an adult,

I always wanted to be an adult, i always dreamed of being a grown up and how life would be when i’m in that stage of my life.

And now that i am an actual adult i fnd myself often pretty lost in this world, 

I keep on doubting myself, am i sure that i want to be a photographer all my life? Am i sure that that is all i want? Do i want more? Or do i want less? Would i ever actually move to Australia or will i keep living in  my favourite city in the world, Paris. 

Will i have children? Will i ever get married? Will i get my own company (what I always dream of having), truth be told is that i honestly don’t know the answer to any of these questions yet. 

The only thing i do know is that i am happy now and i wanna stay happy always. I wanna be loved and i wanna travel, i want to see every corner of the world, and i do want children one day but not before i have done my share or traveling around the world. Or before i made a name for myself working in the fashion industry. 

I want to know what it feels like to wake up on a sunday morning in the Italian Tuscany countryside, or in a small village on the coastside of Portugal. I want to know what it feels like to wake up in San Franscico or in Los Angeles. I already know what it feels like to wake up in Australia and i have never regretted making that decision, because when i look back at what i have done in my life in the last 5 years, i do not regret any part of it, or any decision that i’ve made, sure some weren’t the cleverest of ideas, and brought me to a place where i’ve learned a lot about myself. But regretting taking that decision? Never. 

And so is life. It’s incredibly short, shorter than most people would think, it does not give you the answers right away but the answers will unfold while you’re living. 

Do not be trapped by what people say you should do with your life and only do what you feel like doing, be good to others, love people a lot. 

Go to Paris or go to New York, start working on a new dream, or try an old one. 

Do exactly what you think you want to do. 

The world is yours. 

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