The model diet

I have to admit, i have never been a big fan of any diet, my size is usually just between 36 and 38 and if i try a diet it will always keep me between those two sizes no matter how hard i try…

In the modelling industry i was constantly on a diet and tried to get into my best shape, i would spend hours in the gym, go days on green tea and blueberries. It was pretty difficult to maintain healthy and keep in shape at the same time. I tried almost every diet on the market, i did the protein diet, i did the Beyonce juice diet, i did weight watchers all of that sort of worked but i never actually felt good while being on any of them.

That is until i’ve found a diet that is suitable for my lifestyle and what i want to get out of it,

I call it the model diet, it is a mix of tips and tricks that i’ve learned over the years from individual dieticians.


I do this every morning, and it did miracles to my body, squeeze half a lemon into a glass of hot water and drink it

After that i will pour some wheatgrass powder into some water and drink it as well,

After that i drink a protein shake with soya milk, could be almond milk too, however i feel like soya milk digest better in my body.

After that i’ll drink 2 or 3 cups of white tea, (white tea and not green tea because my body does not react too well on green tea, it’s ok with one cup but if i drink 2 or 3 i’ll get nausea), this is because green tea is a lot heavier on the stomach, while white tea has almost the same health benefits but it is a lot more easier to digest. However white tea or black tea is not easy to find, here in Europe only specialised tea stores will have it, or really big supermarkets, if i do not find find white tea, i’ll switch to black tea, and if that is unavailable as well i would take green tea with jasmine.

After that i take one cup of hot skimmed milk, i’ll add four spoons (size of a soup spoon) to it, and 2 small coffee spoons of chia seeds.


I usually eat either a piece of bread with some light cheese on it, or i’ll prepare myself a salad, or a soup, or a bowl of granola with some yoghurt. (keep in mind that, salad, like iceberg salad will make your stomach look floated, yoghurt will also have the same effect). If you want to eat something during lunchtime but you wanna keep a flat stomach i’d suggest you prepare some spinach with a chicken filet, or a soup of green vegetables. (If you want to lose weight even quicker you should not eat any bread during a period of time, if you love bread too much it’s best to east just one or 2 slices of it during either breakfast or lunchtime, since the carbs in the bread will have the time to be digested and absorbed well by the body).


I aways try to eat a hot plate during dinner, i usually go for some cooked spinach, or kale,  or leek, or broccoli, (beware that broccoli is a rough vegetable and it will most your stomach look a little bloated temporarily), or Brussels spouts (will however also make your stomach look a little bloated afterwards temp.). I’ll ad some quinoa to it, with again a little bit go chia seeds and either chicken, or a turkey fillet, or a white fish, or salmon fillet.

Things to bear in mind:

Eat 2 snacks in between breakfast and lunch, and in between lunch and dinnertime.

Snacks can either be 2 kiwis, or some pineapple or any other fruit, or a bowl of strawberries, or a banana or a bowl or blueberries or raspberries or an egg can be boiled or as an omelet.

With this diet you will need to drink 2 litres of water each day.

Another tip would be to walk or jog a little, or go to the fitness and work out for like and hour, hour and a half, this will help your diet a lot and will help your body to reshape to the size that you want.

And most importantly, every body is different, some people will lose weight quickly others will have to fight more to get rid of them, keep loving yourself even if you’re not the size that you want at the moment, know that your body is amazing, and if we fuel it with all good stuff the results of this diet can be pretty amazing.

Note, this may not be in your case but with my friends and i we noticed that our skin looked flawless whilst doing this, and that we slept better at night as well.

Note, do not drink green tea after 3 in the afternoon, since most tea’s have caffeine in it, it will keep you awake at night, instead you can drink caffeine free green tea.



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