Sisterlove part 2 

My sister is in a very bad relationship. The sort of relationship everybody would advice you to walk away from, she didn’t walk away but walked straight in it.

Apart from her boyfriend not being a very nice guy due to multiple reasons. The relationshop they have is a very toxic one, he beats her, humiliates her, hurts her every way possible… i know it sounds crazy that she stays with him.
It’s late in the evening when my sister texts my mom saying she feels bad, she has stomachache, headache and doesn’t feel like doing anything and she feel extremely weak. She’s been diagnosed by a doctor the day before he said it was just a food poisoning but it sounds more like she’s having a breakdown. 

I feel like i want to take her pain away, to give her a happy life and show her relationships can be beautiful and healthy and that they don’t have to be like he told her they are. Even though i’m in Paris right now, if she would ask me to come over back to Belgium i would drop everything and go and see her. 

She’s blind by love, but by the most evilist kind and it breaks my heart not being able to tell her face to face without her getting mad at me, or without us getting into a fight because no matter what happens she will always choose he’s side… 

3 thoughts on “Sisterlove part 2 

  1. Being blind in love with the wrong man destroys women physically , emotionally and psychologically. It is only by falling “out” of love with him , she can be saved from this toxic relationship.


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