I’ve always had the impression that motherlove was the same kind of love we all share in having for our loved ones. For the people that we cherish and that we care for. 

But it wasn’t until 7 years ago, while i was visiting my grandmother and my sister was staying for a few days as well that I realised how deep my motherlove really is. 

My sister was a new mummy, like me, we had never taken care of a baby before and pretty much everything we did was a new experience. My sister sort of got a depression after giving birth in which she asked me to look after my niece for a few days. 

I remember thinking… oh god i cannot do this, i’m not trained to do this, i don’t know how to do everything. I knew that i would do everything i could but i sometimes failed to see how. 

Having a baby is a very demanding experience, don’t get me wrong though… i absolutely adore babies! And i really want some of my own one day too. 

But it wasn’t until those days with my niece that i realised just how much of a 24/7 it really is, after 7 weeks i was exhausted, the waking up in the middle of the night to give her another bottle, the sleeping 4 hours in a night sort of sleep, the nappies, having to walk around slowly with her to make her fall asleep slowly on my shoulder, making sure she will burp before falling asleep. 

But in between the burps and the nappies and the lack of sleep… my heart filled itself with soo much love. It is indescribable. Before my niece came into my life i didn’t know i had the ability to love someone this deeply…. 

I knew from the minute that she was born that there was no mountain too high, no ocean too big and nobody strong enough that would ever stop me from loving her.

She’s 7 almost 8 years old right now and when my sister and i meet each other she will come running towards me, hugging me, kissing me. Her smile lights up my day/life. And there is no place i’d rather be unless it’s right beside her. She is the cutest little girl i have ever known… she makes my heart skip a beat when i see her and nothing comes close to the love i feel for her. 

I have a sneaky feeling that this is what motherlove is all about… loving someone so unconditionally…. so unlimited… so unlike any other love i have ever experienced. She makes me whole… she makes me who i am each and every day and i could not imagine my life without

While i was writing this blog my sister called me, she said Yasmine would like to talk to you… 

Me: ‘Hello’ Yamine: ‘Kelly i miss you so much please back come soon’. My heart melts…. and i keeps on melting… 
Light reflects from your shadow

It is more than I thought could exist

You move through the room

Like breathing was easy

If someone believed me

They would be

As in love with you as I am

They would be

As in love with you as I am

They would be

As in love with you as I am

They would be

In love, love, love. THE XX Angels 

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