Dating and sex as a Belgian woman… 

Ok so here’s the deal, 

A friend mentioned me an article earlier today that was online about dating and sex as a Belgian woman and i was to say the least pretty frightened by it after reading it, i thought it couldn’t be so bad, but i did asked him to me the link anyhow, ok so it was a short list of things that the author named and all of it was as wrong as it possibly could be. I’m here to try and correct the list in the most accurate way, to show you what Belgian woman think, behave, feel how we love, how we talk, how we care, how we date, how we live. 

On the 1st section the author says that Belgian girls don’t start to date usually until they’re 18 because our parents are very over protective…. I honestly don’t know how she came up with this because it’s not true… most of the Belgian parents i know are protective but equally as protective as any other nationality, boys and girls will start to date on a very early age, it’s not unusual for 5 year olds to have a ‘boyfriend or girlfriend’ of course adults know that their success ratio is pretty low when meeting as such an early age but there’s no harm in having some fun and everybody thinks it’s adorable. I still remember Thomas, so cute… He would bring me chocolates every wednesday and we would hold hands on the patio. 

Next on she wrote ‘marriage can only happen at 21 and sometimes they have to wait until they’re 25’ ok this is not true either… in Belgium our law system states that once you hit 18 you’re on adult, you run away from home, you can legally marry anyone you like, you can get kids if you want, you can drink, you can drive a car, you can travel anywhere you like to go to. There are no restrictions (unless of course it’s something illegal) but in general you can pretty much be a full grown adult by the age of 18, i remember buying my first car at 18, getting my first own apartment and if i did fell in love and decided to get married i could… 

‘Most Belgian woman don’t drive’ I honestly don’t know of any woman here in Belgium that can’t drive, our government is very pro female power so we get all of this taught to us on a very early age, i remember being taught in school at age 6 on how to fix your own car, and how to read signs etc, you were obliged to know it.

‘You don’t get a driving license before you’re 18’ this part is partially true… you need to do a 12/24 months driving time with your own car or a car of your friend on a temporary license before you can get a permanent one, to get a temporary one all you need to do is to pass a theory exam, and the theory exams are open to anyone starting from age 17. 

‘In Belgium you need to be 21 to drink heavy spirits and you can buy or order beer at any age’ this one makes us look a bit wreckless, truth is you need to be 16 to order beer in a bar or to buy it in a supermarket but you gotta be 18 to drink heavy spirits. I have to admit that they don’t question your age a lot or at least they didn’t ask for my id anywhere i went 

‘Belgian man and woman are not likely to live together before marrying each other’ no… Belgian woman are very strict we are very sober in the way that we think for that we need to think a lot about a decision such as marrying someone, most Belgian couples live together for at least 1/2/3 years before taking the big jump. 

‘Porn is widely available but people are so used to it that it is like eating French fries’ no no no…. Porn here is not exactly widely available, we don’t have it shown on any tv station, we don’t tend to see it like a taboo to watch porn but i think that these days with the internet most people just stream porn on their mobile phones but it’s not like we’re all watching porn all the time. 

‘Sex is very liberal and talked about openly, with a large variety to choose from, and sex is shown on tv even in the afternoon!’ No… The laws that are created to protect kids from watching porn are very strict and the chances of catching some naughty videos on a lonely afternoon are extremely small, unless you stream it yourself. People in general tend to be pretty open minded in my country, but we’re very timide too at the same time, a Belgian woman or man would find it rather difficult in general to ask a girl or guy to come back to their place afterwards, we tend to be more about secrets and we Belgian woman don’t particularly like straightforward guys, maybe after a few dates, but i don’t know any woman that would appreciate it on the 1st date. 

In general i think we are a bit closed personality wise at the beginning and slightly shy but not afraid to give our opion about things either, dating wise, dates are usually very normal, nothing crazy, dinner and a movie or just a movie or just a few drinks. Where you live is very important for most Belgian woman and man, because we have this idea that the person we would like be in a relationship with has to be close to us, but this is a very personal thing i would say 90% feels this way, but i myself know that i’m not like that, but all of my friends and buddies are like that. 

Do not get politicial as a foreigner on a 1st date about Belgian politics. Because our political system is pretty complicated i can imagine any foreigner would feel lost just hearing about it but to be honest it’s not as bad and complicated as it sounds like. 

Language barriers… if u are dating someone in the Flemish part of the country to not bring up the Walloons, and vice versa, i’ve had a few foreign friends that told me our language barrier was stupid and that it made no sense to them, but our country is very small as you know but it’s foundation is a very full and rich history where both languages already existed centuries ago, to us our language is our identity, it’s not just a language it goes to show which part of the history of Belgium we come from, it explains us who we are and we could not be happier when someone from abroad thinks that our language sounds cute, or that they’re willing to learn a few words. Our roots are partially mixed into the languague that we speak and the accent that we have and it is important to us to maintain these roots and to keep them being cared for. 

Belgian woman in general i find them hilarious, we usually have a weird  and dry sense of humour and we love to laugh with others, we love a good glass of wine and we love good food, food is an important part of our life and where we come from, we are punctual and we love doing business. Most Belgians dream of having their own business, most of us are very eager to get what we want out of life and after traveling around the world a little bit i find them really funny, sweet & caring. But this is only my opinion feel free to pass by Belgium anytime to check it out for yourself 😉 

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